WIX Oil Filter Adapter - RACE ONLY includes WIX 51060R
WIX Oil Filter Adapter - RACE ONLY includes WIX 51060R
WIX Oil Filter Adapter - RACE ONLY includes WIX 51060R
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WIX Oil Filter Adapter - RACE ONLY includes WIX 51060R

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Although this was designed for the k series it will fit many other import engines that use a M22 or M20 oil filter thread.

Your OEM filter Is not designed for the increase in viscosity that many race / high performance engines see when running any good racing oil nor is it designed to be running at extreme rpm / heat for extended periods of time that comes with the racing.

Most traditional filters have a bypass valve that opens around 10 psi of difference between the filter caused by cold starts and thicker oils not being able to travel through the filter due to the element restriction. When this bypass valve is open your engine sees NO filtered oil.

So this is why we have turned to a purpose designed racing filter from wix. If you do research yourself you will see wix produces some of the best filters in the market at a great price point.

In order to run one of these dedicated race filters it required a adapter to a larger and more common filter size. So this is where our new adapter comes in.

-Our adapter is made from 6061 aerospace aluminum anodized in either clear or black
- 1 female bolt (M20x1.5) will be for use with any popular sandwich adapter out there for all the guys running oil coolers
- 1 male will be for guys running no cooler. Simply remove the OEM threaded Honda bolt and install the male bolt (M22x1.5) for a one piece setup. When doing it like this you also get to benefit from the increased inner bore of the mounting bolt. Allowing more oil to flow to the filter with less restriction.

Some key features to the race filter
-Wix part number 51060R
-Enhanced Cellulose Filter Media
-61 micron rating
-28 GPM Flow rate
-No bypass valve
-Anti-drain back valve
-Premium Filter construction
-larger oil capacity
-larger element area reduces restriction allowing for less pressure drop across the filter.

If you have questions about this product feel free to contact us and we would be more then happy to help