WIX Oil Filter Adapter - STREET includes WIX 57202XP
WIX Oil Filter Adapter - STREET includes WIX 57202XP
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WIX Oil Filter Adapter - STREET includes WIX 57202XP

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For street use, normal oil change intervals and all around reliability the WIX 57202XP is the go to filter.

Well why you ask.. Simply because the racing filter is meant for racing not for street use. With the benefits of that 28 GPM flow rating comes the sacrifice of small particles traveling through the filter into the engine since the racing filter is a 60 micron element compared to the average oil filter which would filter around 20 microns.

So back to the 57202XP. This filter shares the same body size as the race filter so you still benefit from the larger element surface, reducing pressure drop across the filter and allowing more oil to travel through the filter at any given time.

These filters have a bypass valve unlike the race filter. While the bypass valve can send unfilter oil to you engine. The reason why we choose this on the street filter is under normal/extended oil change intervals the filter element slowly becomes contaminated with particles it has removed from the oil. That contamination becomes a restriction reducing the amount of oil that can travel through the filter and eventually reduce all flow with out you knowing.

Since the filter is still substantially larger and uses a far superior synthetic element. The chance of the bypass valve opening is substantially lower. As well as the bypass valve setting is also 4-5 psi higher then most standard filters.

Some key features to the Street filter
-Wix part number 57202XP
-Premium synthetic element
-21 micron rating
-10 GPM flow rate
-Bypass valve setting 15 psi
-Anti-drain back valve
-Premium Filter construction
-larger oil capacity
-larger element area reduces restriction allowing for less pressure drop across the filter

If you change your oil quite often and don't like the idea of the bypass valve in the recommend street filter but still want the finer 21 micron element another option is the 51060XP. Other then the bypass valve this filter shares all the same characteristics as the 57202XP