B-Series TPS Sensor with K series adapter
B-Series TPS Sensor with K series adapter
B-Series TPS Sensor with K series adapter
B-Series TPS Sensor with K series adapter
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B-Series TPS Sensor with K series adapter

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-K-Tuned B series TPS Adapter 

-Premium aftermarket B series TPS Sensor 

-Tefzel Motorsports Wire

-Raychem DR-25 Heatshrink Sleeving 

-Female 3 Pin connector ready to plug in 


K series TPS Sensors... Everyone knows they are a problem. So we've tried to make your life a little easier.

Over the years we have tried pretty much every single k series TPS in existence with none of them lasting.

The only option we recommend is what your looking at!

Now it's no new thing to put a b series TPS sensor on a k. Many company's like @ktuned have been doing this for years. So this isn't that we have created this part we simply took a excellent part and made it a little more user friendly and alot more reliable!

When we first started to run b series TPS sensors we would still have the odd issue with the connection where the sensor connects to the harness. Although our crimps were perfect and even after squeezing the pins tighter. Occasionally we would still run into problems here and there due to vibration and abuse of racing.

Another option we came up with was to secure the physical wires to the pins inside the sensor and fill the cavity with Motorsport grade epoxy. Leaving a small pigtail off the sensor to plug directly into the untouched k series engine harness.

Simply our TPS problems were a thing of the past.

Now we know alot of you out there are still having TPS problems so we want to help. This doesn't require sourcing any addition parts, or tools to Get the job done other then a basic Allen key.