K24Z Drop in Baffle (MUST USE PRB OIL PUMP
K24Z Drop in Baffle (MUST USE PRB OIL PUMP
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K24Z Drop in Baffle (MUST USE PRB OIL PUMP

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The long awaited baffle system for the 9th generation Civic SI or K24Z 

A challenge when planning to track your 9th gen civic is finding a oil pan or baffle system that is compatible with the rear engine mount ( similar to the 8th gen). Some choose to remove the rear mount and run only the front mount but this frequently results in replacing broken front mounts and repairing cracked subframes.

Our newly designed baffle system uses the same principles as the rest of our proven K-series oil pans, but in a drop in package for the RXO oil pan.  Separating the pan into 4 compartments using 4 trap doors to control the oil flow.

This baffle system can be installed by simply pushing the baffle system down into the pan securing itself with the 5 pressure fit tabs located on the removable top plate. If you desire a more permanent installation the lower section can be welded into the pan leaving the top plate removeable for any future cleaning / service.  

We will also offer these welded into a new OEM Pans

Must Use PRB oil pump. A great kit to accomplish this is from PRL Motorsports 

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